Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Law Office of Jason A. Burgess, LLC’s Guide to a Successful Chapter 11 Reorganization

Over the next few articles I will go through what it takes for a successful Chapter 11 reorganization.  Below is the preview of what is to come:

I.                    Preparation
a.      Documentation
b.      Communication
II.                  The Filing
a.      Review
b.      Ask
III.                First Day Motions
a.      Cash Collateral Issues
b.      Officers Pay
c.       Employee Wages
d.      Utilities
IV.                The First 40 Days
a.      Bank Accounts
b.      Documentation
c.       The “IDI”
d.      The 341
e.      Monthly Operating Reports
V.                  Other Things to Know
a.      Trustee Fees
b.      Motions for Relief from Stay
c.       Post Petition Credit
d.      Other Professionals
VI.                Getting Out of Bankruptcy
a.      Disclosure Statement
b.      Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization
                                                              i.      1129(a) Confirmation
                                                            ii.      1129(b) Confirmation
1.      Absolute Priority Rule
2.      Personal Absolute Priority Rule
VII.              Post Confirmation
a.      Payments
b.      Final Decree
c.       Discharge
d.      Life After Discharge/Closure

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